How Analyzer of Accuster “Accukine” is better than other conventional analyzers.

analyzers comparison

Here are the key points which make analyzers of Accuster Technologies better than other Analyzers.

  (other brands)Semi automatic AnalyzerAccukine
1Power supply+-220v AC12 v DC
2Consumables & Reagents SpecificYes – Closed systemNo – Open System
3Portability & Rugged ability NoYes, Passed 2ft drop test
4Sample required1.0ml0.5ml
5Light SourceLampsLED that prevents frequent breakdowns
6Wavelength selectionfiltersVirtual filters
7Flow cellSucking mechanismNo pump system required which reduces complexity and delicacy in sample reading and sample analysis,
8MethodEnd point, Kinetic methodEnd point, Kinetic method, Fixed point
9Reading Time5 sec2 sec
10Test performedHaemotology and electrolytes can’t be performed37 tests : 32 biochemistry with electrolytes & 5 haematology parameters
11Temp. RequiredIt should be maintainedNot required
12MaintenanceHighly sensitiveRugged/Maintenance free
13 Climate & humidity independentNo, needs stringent laboratory controlled conditionsYes, stable in all environment
14User friendlyNeed more careYes
15WeightMin. 5 K.gms800 Gm
16Warm up time & Cooling Time 3 -5 minutes Not required
17Modes operation ToughEasy
18Economical High cost1/3 of an analyzer(Highly economical)
19Accuracy/Linear linearHighly linear
20Life 5 times more than an analyzer

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