Laboratory on a Bike(LaBike-KIN)


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A complete laboratory will be retrofitted on client’s motorbike with a complete framework to keep listed equipment with bio-waste management facility with power back up and GPRS Tracker.

Tests can be performed:

Total 76 tests can be performed through La Bike, which are as follows:

List of Components:

1. Mobile Lab-PCML Kine9. Reagents
2. Microscope10. Consumabales
3. Serology Kits11. Solar Panel
4. PC Based ECG12. Laptop
5. BP Machine13. Portable Cold Storage Unit/ Fridge
6. Urine Kits14. Instant Pop Up Tent
7. Serology Rapid Kits15. Foldable Table & Chairs 
8. BMI Machine

Cost Effectiveness of LaBike:

Cost ComponentMMU CostLa Bike Cost
Vehicle12 lacs90000
Operating Cost (Per 100km)1000 Rs100 Rs
Component Cost10-12 Lakhs4.5 lakhs
Driver’s Salary12000/month0
Total Cost per Vehicle24.13 Lakhs6.00 lakhs

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Ultra-portable foldable tent house:

  • Instant Pop-up tent.
  • This tent covers the entire laboratory work.
  • Base 5.5 ft and center height 7.6 ft with less than 5 kg weight.
  • Seam taped rain fly.
  • Instant pitching in 9 sec.
  • Groundsheet.