Portable Foldable Mobile Lab(PCML-KIN)

A Lab that can work not only in cities but in villages and remote locations also


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It is world's first portable lab, launched by the President of India Mr. Pranav Mukharjee on 11 may, 2013 at the occasion of Technology day. Mobile Lab is a Compact Portable Clinical Laboratory with an open system in a suitcase having Power Back- Up of 4 hours extendable to 24 hours.

This lab is very rugged and maintenance free as all components have their proper and predefined place. It can easily work at any temperature from 0-50C.

Tests that can be performed:

Total 36 tests can be performed which is as follows

mobile lab


List Of Components:

These all components are part of the mobile lab that fits well in a suitcase and makes it a unique product. The components are as follows:

1.        Accurate all/Kine Analyzer 2.        Mini Centrifuge
3.        Power Backup4.        Mini Incubator
5.        Case/Mobile Carrying platform6.        Cover bag/ Rucksack bag
7.        Cuvettes8.        Cuvette Holder
9.        Centrifuge Tubes10.    Micropipette (5-50 uL)
11.    Micropipette (100-1000 uL)12.    Microtips
13.    Microtip Holder14.    Patient database management Software
15.    Reagents16.    Mini Laptop/ Data Recorder
17.    Solar panel

Distinctive Attributes of Mobile Lab

Sattelite Control

Available in two more different types of boxes.

mobile lab

Size: 45.5 cm x 31.6 cm x 15.1 cm

mobile lab

Size: 56.7 cm x 5 cm x 17.5 cm

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Places where it is useful

Primary Health Centers, Community Health CentersDispensaries
Laboratory set up in miniature space – Doc Clinics, ICUs, MI Rooms CSR activities
Telemedicine Mobile Clinics
Medical Camps (Mass Screening) Field Laboratory Operation: Defense Forces
Mobile Medical Units (MMU) Employee’s Wellness Programs
Ambulances Critical Care

Running Cost of Mobile Lab

Test Cost
Glucose 90 Paisa
Hb 80 Paisa
Lipid Profile 18 Rs.
Kidney function test 14 Rs.
Liver function Test 22 Rs.
Electrolytes 50 Rs