Accuster Auto-microscope model: ATMS51 is an automatic microscope developed for the acquisition of high resolution images in bright field observation.

The motorized XY sample stage helps the user to scan a particular sample area automatically and the autofocusing system will find the best focused image in each frame before saving it to the Drive for further analysis.

Transmitted warm white LED illumination along with high quality Plan achromatic microscope objective provides uniform illumination of the entire field of view.
The system is equipped with 8MP camera for the fast acquisition of the images and a 40X, 100x Plan objective for high resolution images.

Accuster Auto microscope (ATMS51) uses a smartphone for capturing the images. It enables the pathologist to report the result remotely within a short span of time which reduces the treatment delay.
The Auto-microscope has many capabilities, such as
Auto focusing,
Auto scanning,
Auto Image capturing

Our Auto microscope is controlled using Bluetooth. All these features are included in the inbuilt android application of the Auto-microscope

Automated microscopy minimizes user interference for more productive and effective microscopy applications in life sciences.





  • Inbuilt
  • Auto Focusing
  • Image Capturing
  • Auto Scanning
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Low-cost Automated Solution For Pathology.
  • Can Save Smear Images
  • Less Power Consumption -48 W
  • Cloud Storage Of Digitized Images
  • Inbuilt Android Application Support ( Microscope)
  • Adaptable To Multiple Smart Phone

Our Automicroscope ATMS51 offers a convenient and transparent solution along with an innovative design that has multiple applications in various hospitals, research centers, pathology labs at affordable market price.



Observation method Bright field
Illumination source High Bright warm White LED (Intensity Adjustable)
Microscope objective Plan Achromatic (4x 10x 40 x and 100x)
Focusing Auto focusing
Image acquisition 120 images / 20 Minutes
Software MICROSCOPE ( Patient's registration, Sharing of images, etc. )
Camera Details Sensor: Color, 8Mp, Picture format : JPEG
Operating mode Continuous output
XY sample stage Motorized
Travel 20mm x 20mm
Eyepiece Lens Widefield CWF 15X/ F.O.V 18mm (paired), high eyepoint.

Power Supply

Plug-in external SMPS power supply input 100/240vac, 50/60Hz; Output;12Vdc4A. Plugs into DC socket fitted into the microscope rear mainframe.
Standard Main Frame C-arm main frame die-casted aluminum frame with built-in LED illuminator base ( small foot print) painted with white textured finish, antifungal PU paint.
Built-in White Led Illumination High Intensity pre-centered 3 watts LED, variable light intensity control with ON/OFF switch, Easy LED change. LED technology provides warm white even Illumination, energy-efficient light for upto 50,000 hours.
Mechanical Stage Rectangular Precision ball bearing type, traverse 76mm (X) and 50mm ( Y ), vernier reading 0.1mm, low positioned co-axials Knobs, soft feel,and fluid movement. XY motorized axis with precise stepper motors.

Accuster AutoMicroscope VS. Automated cell counter



 Auto Microscope

Blood Cell counter

1 Inexpensive Expensive
2 Movable in field Static
3 Cost per test is very low Cost per test is high
4 Maintenance free Maintenance required, extra Investment
5 Able to do more analysis like Urine Microscopy, Malaria parasite, Sickle cell, Absolute eosinophil count etc Only Complete blood count will be performed
6 Calibration not required Calibration required 
7 Less power Consumption High power Consumption
8 Grounding or Online UPS not required Grounding or Online UPS required
9 Having proper records of Accuracy Records will be available in graphical form only.
10 Can work in any conditions Ambient temperature 25°C required
11 Durable Delicate Technology (More prone to damage)


Accuster Auto Microscope vs Manual Microscope



   Accuster Auto Microscope

Manual AutoMicroscope

1 Auto focusing Focus needs to be adjusted by pathologists
2 Inexperienced user can obtain sample
images easier and faster
High skilled manpower required
3 Auto Image capturing ,sample images are analyzed directly on an electronic monitor display, less time consuming Slides are examined through eyepieces , hence more time consuming
4 Bluetooth Enabled Manually controlled
5 Have Patient Registration software. No software support hence takes a lot of time for data maintenance and storage
6 Sample images can be shared through cloud hence Instant reporting Sample data cannot be shared from one location to another through online connectivity 
7 Auto scanning, helps in Region Identification of the sample Slide needs to be adjusted for region Identification
8 Image capturing, Works as a Evidence, No data manipulation Reports can be manipulated since no evidences/Images of the sample
9 Having proper records of Accuracy Records will be available in graphical form only.
10 Can work in any conditions Ambient temperature 25°C required
11 Comes with supplementary Devices, Stainer and Smear Device (ACCURAPID STAINER AND ACCU SMEAR DEVICE) Not featured with Stainer and Smear Devices.