Advantages you get in Mobile Lab

advantages of mobile lab


  • By using the Mobile lab, Transportation cost of taking the blood sample from collection center to diagnostic laboratory becomes nil.Reagent consumption is the only 5ml, which increases the no. of tests per reagent kit, hence Cost comes down.
  • For Instance, 1Glucose Reagent set of 500ml, the cost is Rs 400.
  • No. of test: 1000
  • Per test Cost: 0.40 paisa.
  • No EDTA solution is required, no sodium fluorite is required for preservation of blood Sample.

Rugged and Maintenance free:

  • Instead of lamps and filters, it uses LED source of light inside the blood Analyzer. Other analyzers require frequent repairing due to the appliance of delicate lamps & filter which in turn restricts their portability.
  • Our device is capable of measuring 0.2 ml solution too, but it is not recommended due to unavailability of accurate measuring micro-pipette.
  • Reading Time that is time taken to read out sample after sample processing is only 2 sec. Hence the cost of manpower comes down as lab technician can perform more parameters in less time
  • No warm-up time and cooling time is required, the device can run continuously.

Temperature maintenance:

  •  For Accuster analyzer, it is not required while in other conventional analyzers, it is required before performing any test.
  • This mobile Lab works on simple UPS battery system, hence electricity consumption is very Low.
  • The battery used: 12 volt DC. Hence 1 unit of electricity is consumed to run the lab continuously for 20 hrs.

Calibration :

Mobile Lab is capable of calibration itself uniquely and cost-effectively according to the Chemical reagent.


  • Equipped with Patient Database Management Software and has connectivity to the laptop.
  • Data from the analyzer goes to the laptop directly through software and patient Report on A4 size paper gets saved automatically with all details.

Highly user-friendly:

Minimum steps and Screens are involved while operating analyzer.


Apart from Listed 36 parameters, more tests can be added and programmed on the same machine.


  • The device is validated and confirmed in various Govt. hospitals and institutions such as R&R Hospital, AIIMS, ITBP, General Hospital, Panchkula in comparison to world's Best machine like Beckman Coulter, Erba and Roche Hitachi Fully automated Analyzer.
  • Blood vacutainer tube is not Required, as blood is taken directly into the centrifuge tube.
  • Only 1.5 ml blood is drawn to perform all blood test instead of 10ml blood.
  • Centrifuge Tube cost is 0.50 paisa.
  • Vacutainer tube cost is 15 Rs.
  • Battery back- up is 5 to 7 hrs in case all the components of the Mobile lab are in use.
  • Very low infrastructure is needed e.g. the only tablespace is required to place the lab.
  • Humidity and climate independent.No requirement of Air conditioner.It works in open field also.
  • It is an open system; hence reagent and other consumables of any company can be used.
  • Different conc. Measuring units can also be programmed such as mg/dl, g/dl etc.

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