Covid-19 Rapid-Test-Kit

The panic and destruction caused by Corona virus (Cover-19) pandemic in the last few months has been unprecedented in human history in terms of its speed and scale of deaths.

Accuster Technology is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the Health equipment sector, and hence feel obliged to respond to the present pandemic due to COVID -19 and give back to the society as social responsibility. Since day of first Corona reported patient in India, we have been involved in research & development to bring out products that are essentially required.

Novel Coronavirus causes acute pneumonia and is easily transmitted person to person and person to infected objects. Nowadays, the diagnosis method widely used in clinical is real-time PCR. However, nucleic acid detection often gives false negative results due to sampling methods, virus titers, etc. An accurate and rapid detection is crucial in weathering the COVID-19. In this direction Accovid Rapid Kit is developed to perform screening tests to identify corona virus suspects.


⦁ Immunoglobulin tests for COVID-19 cannot confirm the presence of the virus in your system.
⦁ Suitable to find out whether you have been exposed in the past or if you have never been exposed to SARS-CoV-2
⦁ Negative result does not rule out COVID-19 and should not be used as the sole basis for treatment, patient management decisions, or to rule out active infection.
⦁ All laboratories using this test must follow standard confirmatory testing and reporting guidelines according to their appropriate public health authorities.

⦁ Certified – CE
⦁ Highly Reliable Results
⦁ Sensitivity – 98%
⦁ Specificity - 97%
⦁ Technology based on Laminar flow immunoassay (LFIA)
⦁ Suitable for Screening & Disease Surveillance
⦁ All products made by Accuster are designed & developed in our R&D center recognized by DSIR, DST.