How Mobile Lab is better than Conventional Labs

How mobile lab is better than conventional labs
S.No Mobile Lab OtherConventional Labs
1 Portable and rugged device Non portable and highly sensitive device
2 It is a whole clinical biochemistry laboratory that is handy and easily transportable, Lab in a box, it contain all instruments where Biochemical Analyzer is only one component.


Requires  at least a room for the set up, with lot of stringent condition

Biochemistry analyzer is a machine on which we can read the concentration of biochemical parameters of blood.

3 It contains Biochemistry Analyzer, Centrifuge, Incubator, Data Recorder with Patient Data Management Software, Micropipettes ,

4 Cuvette Boxes, Tip Box. It has a proper place for each and every component of Lab

Here all other required components has to be bought separately. Lot of infrastructure is required to run a room lab
4 Customer will have 1 service provider Different vendors are involved
5 Low voltage Consumption High voltage required (400watt-5000watt)
6 Customizable: external power back up via battery packs and Solar Panel. No Back up
7 The whole lab can operate using a solar panel/battery for 24hrs with v. low cost High investment on space and power
8 Temperature should not be maintained (no warm up and cooling time for operations), independent of humidity Lab designed from 0 deg  to 50 deg C Stringent conditions needed to maintain temperature and humidity for usage, there is warm up and cooling time
9 LED technology is used which prevents break downs Lamps are used (Halogen) which is prone to frequent breakdowns
10 Maintenance free Not maintenance free
11 Running Cost is low because of following factors

1)                                                         Blood collection cost (no vials, transportation of sample, anti coagulants)

2)                                                         Power Consumption is less

Running cost is high

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