Our Impact on society


Our Impact

Accuster Technologies Pvt Ltd took an initiative to understand and solve the technological challenges in the healthcare delivery system of India deliberately.



We are centered for Nation Building. We learn from failures and stand up again to make it possible. We follow the theory of continuous improvements in our products and in individuals as an employee.

Our Ideology is simple as to solve the basic problem of the society by doing the groundwork and technological innovation. But we are not in any hurry.We always wanted to take a problem where we are ready to put and dedicate ourselves fully to solve that problem. That dedication only put us in the forefront to identify the reasons and build those technological innovations which are designed in accordance with conditions & challenges existing in India.

We believe that we are not doing any great work by solving the problem of our society or by building our own nation. This is the most self-centered work in our-own-interest if we can contribute in building up our nation.

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Solution to the problem

Technology made for India, Technology made by India

We strongly believe that “the solution to the problem of 78% (95 crore people) of Indian population with a quality diagnostic lies in holistic approach of;

  • Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technologies are required to cater all the challenges of Accessibility, Affordability, Quality and Infrastructure.

Accuster made the first Portable Mobile Pathology Laboratory (Lab in a box & Lab on a Bike) with its unique features and novelty.

Mobile Lab                                                LaBike


Analyzer in the Accuster Labs are known for:-

  • It weighs only 700 grams in comparison to 6 – 10 kgs conventional analyzers
  • It consumes only 4-watt power in comparison to 2000 watt by conventional analyzers.
  • Its design is simple without any delicacy with ease of usage.
  • It is temperature & climate independent, no warm-up time, no cooling time is needed.


  • Skilled Manpower

We need “Skilled Manpower” to provide service through disruptive technology to the most common man.  It has a potential of creating employment to 5 lacs youth across India. For this, we have started another project as ASPLI


  • Strong Network

Hospitals, NGOs, Governments and Private setups and above all, the strong “Entrepreneurship Spirit” in young youth.

So as to meet all three stages mentioned above, Journey of Accuster Started.,

It is an oath that Accuster will work only for bringing technological innovations to ensure that preventive healthcare reaches to the doorstep of the last and remotest location of the country at most affordable rates.

“We are not in it for income, We are in it for the outcome.”


Our Installations

Skilled Youth