HandsFree SaniStand

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HandsFree SaniStand is available on advance booking. It is touchfree , contactless , semi-automatic & ideal choice for true hygiene & true virus prevention. It has high utility at industries, offices & high traffic areas such as entrances & exits , malls, meeting rooms, airport terminals, metro/raiways stations, food courts,recreational centers.

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Handsfree Sanistand is a innovative solution for dispensing hand sanitizer without touching it with press pedal at the bottom.

Accuster is committed to provide all dedicated solutions to make sure that when lock down is over, all industry should be opened with all the safety and precautions to ensure safe enivornment to all the employees.

Accuster strongly recommend that Pedal should also be covered with sponge with disinfectant which helps in ensuring safe disinfection of their hands and feet.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC, hand sanitizer is one of the best tools available to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. By placing hand sanitizer in strategic locations throughout the offices,factories,shops and other high traffic areas, public places, one can encourage employees/people to improve their hand hygiene and make a healthier working environment for everyone.

To make a good habit to use hand sanitizer is by making it easily accessible and always within sight. It’s important to place hand sanitizer near and around high-touch surfaces and communal areas.

Keep it at  entrances & exits , cafeterias, food courts, meeting rooms, conferences halls, 

High-traffic areas like airport terminals, mall hallways and recreational centers  

Public places should offer hand hygiene stations to ensure visitors stay as healthy as possible. Not only does this keep high-traffic areas clean, it helps improve the image of the airport, mall or recreational center.  


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