Static Lab

Static Lab

Portable Compact Static Lab(PCSL-KIN)

Lab in a Box

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Static Lab, also called lab in a box, is a simple box made of wood and polycarbonate sheet especially used in laboratories, pathologies and hospitals. It has been rewarded with the best medical product by the prime minister of India.

Tests that can be performed

Total 36 tests can be performed which are as follows:

mobile lab

List of Components

List of Components in Static Lab unit
S.no. Particulars Qty
1 AccuKine Analyzer-USB port 1
2 Centrifuge 1
3 Incubator 1
4 Case / Mobile Carrying Platform 1
5 Cover Bag/Rucksack bag 1
6 Cuvettes 100 pcs
7 Centrifuge Tubes 500 pcs
8 Cuvette Holder 4 pcs
9 Micropippette (5-50uL )-Accuster 1pc
10 Micropippette (100-1000uL )-Accuster 1pc
11 Microtips 1500 pcs
12 Micro tip Holder 2 pcs
13 Patient Management Software 1
14 USB port for data connectivity, data cable , charging cable 1
15 Reagents Pack consisting of the following :-
a) Bio Rad L1 control 1
b) Bio Rad L2 control 1
c) Urea (2x50 ml) 1
d) HDL – Cholesterol (2X50ML) 1
e) Total & Direct Bilirubin(4x60ml) 1
f) Glucose (2X200 ML) 1
g) Creatinine (4X60ML) 1
h) Cholesterol (5x20ML) 1
i) Hemoglobin (1000 ML) 1
j) Albumin (5X50 ML) 1
k) Triglyceride (5x20ML) 1
16 Mini Laptop/ Data Recorder loaded with PMS version II window based 1
17 Satellite Control Application 1



Here are some points which distinguish Static lab from Mobile Lab:

  • The static lab has no power back up of batteries & solar panel; power circuit of this lab works only on direct electricity supply.
  • Outer case/Suitcase of Static Lab is a simple box, made of wood & Polycarbonate sheet without trolley wheels; this is a Pickup box, unlike Mobile Lab suitcase which can be dragged on omnidirectional wheels.
  •  Other features are similar to Mobile Lab in terms of its components, functioning & investigations.
  • Useful at Static Centers and electricity enabled places where power cut is not the major issue
How It assures the quality of results in the field accuster
Sattelite Control

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