BMI Accuster

Portable Tri Foldable BMI(PBMI)

It is lightweight, portable and foldable BMI Machine. This is commonly used for the purpose of analyzing the body mass index of any person.


  • Portable and Foldable device, It can be carried in a single bag.
  • Wireless data (height, weight, and BMI) transfer to Laptop/Tablet or Android phone via Bluetooth.
  • Weight can be measured from 10 kg to 180 kg with accuracy (+- 300 gm)
  • Due to a good base of weighing machine, BMI Machine can be installed on any surface.
  • Height can be measured from 100 cm to 190 cm with accuracy.
  • User-friendly and easy to operate.
  • Require very less maintenance.
  • It also displays, simultaneously, how much over/underweight you are!


Self Weight: 7 kg (approx)·

Self height: 200 cm·        

Operating Temperature: 5c to 45c

Power Supply


230 volt AC, 10%, -20%

50 Hz +-2%


12 volt, 2 amp. DC Supply


  • Ideal choice for hospital and clinics
  • Physical examination center
  • Health clubs
  • Gymnasiums

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