Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1:– Is it a portable Laboratory?

Ans:- It is a whole clinical biochemistry laboratory that is handy and easily transportable, Lab in a box; it contains all instruments where Biochemical Analyzer is only one of the components.
It contains Biochemistry Analyzer, Centrifuge, Incubator, Batteries & Solar Panel, Data Recorder with Patient Data Management Software, Micropipettes, Washing system, Cuvette Boxes, Tip Box. It has a specific place for each component of Lab with electrical connections within the box.

Q-2:-Does it have power back up?

Ans:- Yes, it has 2 batteries and 1 solar panel which make it work at the places where there is no electricity. For this reason, it is useful for the places where electricity is always a problem, especially in remote rural locations such as Sub-centers, PHCs, Mobile Medical Vans, Ambulances, and Medical-Bikes

Q-3:– Is it robust?
Ans: - Yes, it is a rugged, strong & robust lab along with the mobility & portability. It is built with high reliability & durability for the advanced point of care testing which is workable, even in the far-flung areas of our country where other delicate technology of semi-auto biochemistry analyzers, fully auto analyzers can’t function.

Q-4:- How is it different and better than other Analyzers?
Ans:- It has LED-based technology; there is no filter or lamp required, as it has virtual filters. It consumes very little power.

Q-5:- What is the power consumption of the Mobile Lab?
Ans:- Whole laboratory operates on 40 W and analyzer consumes 4 W only, while other biochemistry analyzers consume around 200 W.

Q-6:- Is it temperature-independent?
Ans: - Yes, It is temperature independent, works from 0 Deg. C to 50 Deg. C.
No warm-up and cooling time are required for its operations, unlike other analyzers. It is independent of humidity.

Q-7:- How Mobile Lab is maintenance-free?
Ans:- The analyzer of the mobile lab is completely maintenance-free because it is based on virtual filters with sturdy LED technology. Other biochemistry analyzers & spectrophotometers have optics based on lamp & filters, which require regular maintenance to maintain accuracy & linearity as they are very delicate & subtle due to which they cannot be moved and used in the restricted environment of big laboratories.
This mobile lab does not require stringent working conditions such as air conditioning, controlled temperature & humidity.

Its break downtime is very less. All major components are plug & play, It means, if any components will be faulty than client should make a call to our customer care and raise the query, immediately we sent the component and client will unplug the faulty components easily and plug in the new component, and send back faulty equipment to us.

Q-8:- How Mobile Lab is cost-effective?
Ans:- Blood Vacutainer tube is NOT required, as blood is taken directly into centrifuge tubes. Only 1.5 ml blood is drawn to perform all blood tests instead of 10 ml blood.
Centrifuge tube Cost is 0.50 paisa.
Vacutainer tube Cost is 15 Rs.
Using a Mobile lab, the transportation cost of taking a blood sample from the collection center to the diagnostic laboratory becomes nil.
Reagent consumption is only 0.5 ml, which increases the no. of tests per reagent kit hence cost comes down.
For Instance, 1 Glucose Reagent Set of 500ml, the cost is Rs 400.
No of tests: 1000
Per Test Cost: 0.40 paisa.
No EDTA solution is required; no sodium fluorite is required for the preservation of blood samples.

Q-9:- What is the power Backup of the Mobile Lab?
Ans:- 8 hours on full load, if we continue to use Analyzer, Centrifuge & Incubator.

Q-10:- How we do charge of Mobile Lab?
Ans:- It can be charged by direct electricity or Solar panel.

Q-11:- How we ensure the quality of test results in the field?
Ans:- We have a satellite technology in Analyzer, which is works on 2G networks, no internet is required. With the help of satellite feature you can analyze the quality of results, location of Mobile lab and test count also.

Q-12:- Is it an open system?
Ans:- It is an open system; hence reagents and other consumables of any reliable company can be used.

Q-13- Can we calibrate Mobile Lab?
Ans:- Capable of calibrating itself uniquely and cost-effective according to the chemical reagents.

Q-14:- Is it aligned with any software for the patient's report?
Ans:- Equipped with Patient Database Management Software and has connectivity to a laptop. Data from the analyzer goes to the laptop directly through software and patient report on A4 size paper get saved automatically with all details. It has Bluetooth features as well.

Q-15:- Is PDMS is customizable?
Ans:- Yes, it is customizable

Q-16:- Is PDMS can be integrated with other software?
Ans:- Yes, we will provide API.

Q-17:- What is e-Accuster? Can we add more tests or upgrade?
Ans:- e-Accuster is an app based on android applications to organize the tasks performed by the laboratory in the field. It also provides a dashboard feature to see summarized reports.
With the help of this app, we can see the tasks performed by the operator/LT as well as pathologists. New camps can be well organized according to the needs of different organizations and then pathologist is also assigned according to the requirements of organizations. Various types of activities can be controlled i.e. of Operator, Pathologist, QC, LT, Dashboard operator etc. Furthermore, we can add more tests too.

Q-18:- How do we check & track outreach activity as the lab can be carried anywhere?                                                                                                             Ans:- Report.accuster.com is a portal where we get satellite data from our Mobile Lab directly.
In this platform, we can analyze quality control/ physical location/ and many tests.

Q-19:- What is the reliability of the Mobile Lab?
Ans:- Accuracy of this device is validated and confirmed in various Govt. hospitals and institutions such as R&R Hospital, AIIMS, ITBP, General Hospital in Panchkula, Punjab, and Medall in comparison to world’s best machine-like Beckman Coulter, Erba and Roche Hitachi fully automated Analyzer.

Q-20:- Do you have a customer support framework?
Ans:- Yes, we have 24*7 customer care support.
Our toll-free number is – 8010100088
Our email Id is – customercare@accuster.com
For training videos, you can download Accuster support APP from the play store.

Q-21:- What is the reading time of End Point Tests?
Ans:- Reading Time that is the time taken to read out sample after sample, processing is only 2 sec.
Hence the cost of manpower comes down as a lab technician can perform more parameters in less time.

Q-22:- How many tests are performed in Mobile Lab?
Ans:- 37 tests.

Q-23:- Which profiles will be covering in Mobile Lab?
Ans:- Sugar, Hematology, Kidney function test, Liver function test, Lipid Profile, Electrolytes, CRP & Micro protein.

Q-24:- If I want to run all 37 Tests than how many patients will be cover in a single working day?
Ans:- One Lab technician can cover 25 patients in a single day for all 37 tests.

Q-25:- Can we do 50 patients' tests (37 tests) in a single day?
Ans:- Yes, we can do 50 patients' tests (37 test) in a single day, if 2 Lab Technicians perform the tests.

Q-26:- Can we do 100 patients' tests in a single day?
Ans:- Yes, we can do, if we exclude SGOT, SGPT, Creatinine and Urea test.

Q-27:- Are you providing trained manpower?
Ans:- Yes, we provide trained manpower, we have 4 training centers in different states, where we train youth from the BPL category for a diploma of Medical Lab technicians.

Q-28:- What is the proof of accuracy in rural areas?
Ans:- We do a 2 feet drop test in QC for checking the ruggedness of the Analyzer. After drop test readings never change.

Q-29:- How many samples we can incubate in one go?
Ans:- In one go we can incubate 25 samples in an incubator.

Q-30:- How many samples we can centrifuge in one go?
Ans:- We can centrifuge 8 samples in one go.

Q-31:- How can one track multiple Labs?
Ans:- If any organization will purchase multiple labs than we will provide a dashboard, where senior management can track the functionality of labs so that Labs can be utilized properly.

Q-32:- How we maintain reagents in the field?
Ans:- We provides a portable thermocouple refrigerator and also provide an unfoldable ice pack that could maintain 2-8 deg Celsius for 24 hours.

Q-33:- What is the linearity limit of the Analyzer?
Ans:- Linearity limit of the analyzer is too high, so due to this limit, we have multi-point calibration in Analyzer.

Q-34:- Is it available on any government purchasing portal?
Ans:- Yes, it is available over GEM.

Q-35:- If I want to run preventive care camps then how many patients will be covered in a working day?
Ans:- If you choose 1 test from different profiles such as (BP, BMI, HB, Glucose, Cholesterol, Uric Acid, Creatinine, and TP) then you will cover 200 patients with 3 Lab Technicians.

Q-36:- If I want to run a camp in a school for kids, then how many students will be covered in a single day?
Ans:- If you want to run a camp for kids than you will have to choose following tests (Blood group, HB and Calcium, Protein) .You can cover 300 students in a single day, and if you choose HB and Blood group then you will be able to cover 500 students in a single day with 2 Lab Technicians.

Q-37:- Does the Mobile lab take more time in comparison to another semi-auto Analyzer?
Ans:- No, the Mobile lab takes less time in comparison to another semi-auto analyzer, because no warm-up time required in the Mobile lab and other technologies needs some time, for suction of sample and 5 sec time is required for reading. But in the mobile lab, no suction is required and it will give a reading in 2 Sec only.

Q-38:- How many tests will be performed in a LA-Bike?
Ans:- 102 tests will be performed in LA- BIKE (Biochemistry/ Hematology/ Serology/ Urinalysis/ Semen Analysis/ BP/ BMI/ ECG etc.)

Q-39:- How many patients will be covered for all 102 tests in LA-Bike in a single day?
Ans:- 25 patients will be covered in a single day by 2 Lab Technicians.

Q-40:- How many patients will be covered for all 102 tests in LA-Bike in a single day, if manpower is increased?
Ans:- 50 patients will be covered in a single day by 3 Lab Technicians.