Customer Care

Accuster Technologies has dynamic customer care department having a robust team of Managers, Engineers, Lab Technicians & Client Relationship Officers. We are reaching to our clients at the remotest locations where our labs are installed, serving pan India.

We have an ongoing list of satisfied clients,(link to testimonials). We are proud to claim that we serve BRO, NHM (NRHM & NUHM) & Indian Army who are one of those clients who have installations at the extreme remote locations in the borders of our country, tough terrains and smallest blocks of villages.

Our customer care operates 24*7 throughout the year for the benefit of our esteemed clients engaged in preventive health care for saving lives. We have learned the art of achieving excellent customer service and client trust. Our customer care service provides instant and effective solutions as per our client’s query.

Our toll-free customer service hotline number 8010100088 gives 24 hours assistance to our customers. Our main features include:

1. Deliver consistent customer experience:

We provide consistent problem solving experience for all clients. Most of the time customers get frustrated and irritated because of inconsistent service across several channels in the same company but we provide one stop solution for all queries under one channel.

2. Proactive customer service:

We believe in maximizing customer experience and retention at every stage of customer interaction. Keeping your equipment fit and running is critical – to your patients and your bottom line. Service requests for timely repair and maintenance services – even if your equipment isn’t covered under AMC. Our expert engineers will help you get your equipment back up to peak performance so you can focus on your patients. Don’t let equipment downtime drain your productivity and harm your facility’s reputation. Call for Service request for your equipment’s emergency repair at 8010100088

3. Provide one-stop solutions:

Our experts in customer service provide one stop solution for all customer queries whether it is operational. We provide this support with the help of online mechanism or over the phone so that customer will not wait for the assistance.

We also provide time to time feature- up-gradations in their existing machines purchased from us.

4.On time cost-effective result:

We also provide an on-time cost-effective solution which means we solve client query within specified time and in a cost-effective manner. A customer can also replace its non-operational equipment with the help of plug and play feature and can courier us for the replacement which ultimately provides solution in cost and time effective manner.

We are the first medical equipment organization who replaces equipments using courier services which is possible only with our rugged technology based machines.

5. Quality assurance:

We also provide quality customer service by assessing feedback of each customer and paying attention to it for continuous improvement.

Here are some other important points with the help of which we are making our customer service more effective:-

  1. Provide AMC for our clients which include product warranty for one year.
  2. Providing one stop solution under one department for all queries.
  3. Providing time and cost effective solutions.
  4. Providing free training to lab technician without any cost.

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