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Accurapid stainer is a device used for staining thin blood films or peripheral smear for rapid processing of the specimens.

  • Holds up to 10 slides at
  • Takes less time in staining can stain up to 100 slides in 10
  • Easy to operate
  • Chemical boxes kept in sequence, takes less time to
  • Chemicals are kept in boxes, eliminates wastage and cleaning mess-up.
  • Low
  • Stain does not come in contact with slide
  • Daily maintenance Not required.



Accu smear is a Semi Automatic Device used for making a blood film or peripheral smear to allow the various blood cells to be examined microscopically.

  • Versatile - Prepares smears for routine & all types of hematological
  • Portable - Completely self contained and can be carried
  • Economical - No additional power source
  • Easy to use - Anyone with little experience can make high quality
  • Trouble free operation with low
  • Prepares 2 slides at the same
  • The smear it makes are accurate and all are of same
  • The smear are made thin & uniform thus chances of smear damage is rare.
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