AccuRapid Hb Kit

The AccuRapid Hb Kit, a Hemoglobin Analyzer, is a comprehensive medical box containing the analyzer itself along with consumables and additional accessories like micropipettes, cuvette box, and micro-tips. This kit is designed for the precise measurement of hemoglobin concentration in whole blood.

Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Category: Medical Innovations


List of Components:

  1. Suitcase,
  2. HB Analyzer,
  3. 2-Micropipettes (5-50ul &100-1000ul) 4. Microtips-1000,
  4. 2 Cuvette Box,
  5. 50 Reusable cuvettes,
  6. 1-Lancing device with 50 Lancets,
  7. Adapter.


  1. More Reliable Results
  2. More Affordable Rs 1 Vs Rs 20
  3. Open System
  4. With Quality Controls
  5. Zero cost to maintain Quality Control Protocols,
  6. With Reagent kit
  7. Memory of 500 patients

Clinical Purpose:

  1. Designed for utilization by paramedical staff or healthcare professionals, the Hemoglobin Analyzer serves both stationary and portable purposes, enabling the analysis of hemoglobin levels to detect anemia.

    For stationary use, it proves invaluable in laboratory operations or fixed locations.

    For portable use, it becomes a valuable tool during field outreach activities.

    Time to Result: 2 minutes

    Capillary Sample Requisite: Only 8ul (equivalent to one drop of blood)

    Measuring Range: 2g/dL – 22g/dL

    Specificity: 100%


  1. Wellness centers, Sub-centers, Primary Health Centers, AnganWadi, Medical Colleges, Dispensaries, Nursing Homes, Mobile Medical Units, NCD Camps, School Anaemia camps, Maternal & Child Care & other outreach filed activities for detecting Anaemia.


  1. Better than any other strip-based HB Meter in terms of Accuracy, Reliability, Dependability, Sensitivity & Specificity of results.


  1. Hemoglobin
  2. RBC
  3. PCV
  4. MCV
  5. MCH
  6. MCHC

AccuRapid Hb Kit Demo Video | Hemoglobin Analyzer