Accurine Analyzer


Accurine Analyser is based on Image Processing Technique using Urinalysis Test strips and is designed for use in clinical laboratories. User only dips the test strip in the urine samples and place it in the insert area and the Analyser itself displays the result on the Screen within a minute.

Accurine Analyser is used to perform automatic urine testing. The Unit can detect and quantify the number of parameter including Leucocytes, nitrate, urobilinogen, protein, PH, Blood & Glucose.


  1. Based on Image Processing Technique,
  2. Real Time Color Detection,
  3. Build-up Timer So, Each Parameters Are Analyzed At their individual time,
  4. Capable Of Analyzing 10 Parameters,
  5. Compact, Portable and Easy to Operate,
  6. Results Saving in Patient’s Database has Capability of Sharing the result by Bluetooth,
  7. Urine Analysis through android


  1. 12 Volts DC operated device
  2. Evaluation time is 1 minute

Test List

  1. Glucose
  2. Albumin
  3. Ketone
  4. pH
  5. Specific Gravity
  6. Reaction
  7. Nitrite
  8. Urobilinogen
  9. Bilirubin Leukocytes
  10.  Leukocytes